Welcome to the world of Lu La Loop – a British-made fashion and costume brand driven by a desire to create fun, wearable streetwear couture.

Since Grimes took to the stage in 2014 wearing our one-off oversize phosphorous yellow furry knit, we’ve loved collaborating with musicians, artists and other like-minded free spirits – ongoing projects including creative partnerships with experimental electronic singer/songwriter/DJ Aja Ireland (aka AJA) and garage-punk pop warriors Tokyo Taboo.

As well as limited-run collections (such as Techno Monster and Disco Polar Party), we produce unique show pieces, bespoke creations and re-worked items. We value craftsmanship (often incorporating appliqué, hand knit and hand-sewn elements) and contrasts, combining the unfinished or distressed with the refined and clean.

Our approach to fashion is wild, unfettered, limitless, and recognises no boundaries (including those of gender) – accompanied by a passionate belief in the power of imagination and optimism.

Lu La Loop is excited by youth culture, inspired by sci-fi and music (techno, darkwave, punk and more) and always exploring new ideas. Mixing retro-futuristic trash/glam metallics with beautiful high end fabrics, synthetics with natural materials, or mashing together raw and finished elements, we revel in juxtaposition.

A collision of Kawaii culture, chaos magick and the darkness of the dancefloor, our work is sometimes childlike in its adventurousness and disregard for convention, more than often playful and always fun – albeit with a dark side.

We love to see our pieces brought to life, through unique on-street styling or stage performance, from hanging out in the daytime through to dancing all night. We aim to expand globally, continuing to inspire a new generation of Lu La Loopers with pieces that make them feel strong, vibrant, comfortable and, above all, happy – all with a healthy hint of humour and more than a dash of darkness.

Coming soon: Kid Loop ( Alternative Kidswear) + Unique FREAK ORIGINAL BY LU LA LOOP ( unique, one off, ltd reworks +new art/fashion pieces!!!

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