From our THRASH TRASH line. 


Also using Punk Tshirt parts for art of jacket and hood spike with original illustration art from Sina Sparrow. With 3D horror punk drawing on parts.


Mixing Cosy soft hoodie and Sweater fabrics, Tartan jacket, Mixed soft animal patterns, metallics and fancy fabrics left over from my various Drag Costume projects. 


Big love to friend and Drag Artist BAMBI MERCURY for donating Jackets and vintage to me for THRASH TRASH line too. 


Unfinished, Frayed open edge details, Punk strapping and the really fun Leigh Bowery inspired- CLUB-KID Face on the back. 


Amazing fun Soft spikes all over the hood for the Punk Club Rocker vibe.

Fit is One sized. Small Up to XXXL .


We recommend washing on an eco wash inside out or just hand wash.. And frayed parts may fray some more over time. Adds to that Punky charm. 


We make everything by our loopy hands with loopy love in Die Kraft .






















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