TZULA is the long awaited collaboration from legendary (Larry Tee/ Tzuji / Fashertainment) ...friend of RuPaul, Writer of that famous 90's Ru must know?!?!

The amazing Electro Clash too and Nightlife Producer, DJ and more.....

And LU LA LOOP...well it is me! hehehe.

Lu and Larry became friends in Berlin and now we have a few FUN club-Kid, Punk, Trash UNIQUE styles waiting for you.

And maybe some more...Ongoing.........


This one debuted at DIE KRAFT first Fashion and Drag event called 

Category is LOVE in the shop hinterhof in Sept 2021. 


Sick Sick Sickening fun motifs.

FUN Heart Faux fur motif on the back, Glitter flames too.

Slime fun details in giant PVC Appliques.

Front Zipper.

Fun Puffy Spike Details.

Mixing TZUJI archive PVC pieces into new forms with the LU LA LOOPY upbeat energy to match.

This one is very powerful and FULL  OF FIRE, SLIME, SICKENING MOTIFS. !!!

Mixing all the Clunkid-Drag-Optimistic elements and staying very

LU LA LOOP Thrash Trash / TZUJI matching feels.

One sized. 

ART meets Fashion! 

Street-Club life!.

Wash cold, VERY carefully!!!  Only iron inside out on a low setting.


We make everything by our loopy hands with loopy love in Die Kraft .


Thank you to the incredible Drag, Club Kweeen Crystal O too :).


Pics taken in my fun Indie store DIE KRAFT , Berlin.
















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